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Inhalers are most commonly used to treat asthma, bronchitis, or emphysema. When inhaled properly into the lungs, they cause the muscles lining the airways to relax, thereby improving shortness of breath or wheezing. They act quickly (within 2-5 minutes) and usually last 4 hours.

Side Effects
Side effects from these inhalers are uncommon. Occasional rapid heartbeat, nervousness or tremor may occur. Occasionally, these inhaled drugs may cause coughing or make shortness of breath or wheezing worse. If this happens, the drug should be stopped.

The daily dose we have recommended for you is ____________ puffs _________ times per day.  An extra two puffs can be taken as needed, especially before any activity (such as swimming, running or jogging)or exposure that causes more shortness of breath.  Call physician if you persistently require an increased amount of medication. If you have severe shortness of breath call 911.

Proper Usage
These drugs need to be inhaled into the lungs to be effective.  The inhaler should be shaken before each puff. Then follow these steps for each puff of the drug:

You should wait at least 1 minute between puffs and 5 minutes between medications. A plastic spacer device may be used between the inhaler and your mouth to enhance the amount of medication that reaches your lungs.

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